NST Apparel
Avenida 25 de Abril, 216 4580-658 Vilela Paredes, Portugal
223 220 230 geral@nst-apparel.pt NST Apparel https://nstapparel.pt/uploads/seo/big_1611933029_5803_nst-black.png

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"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father wich is In Heaven." Mathew 5:16

Our mission is to flawlessly and excellently bring to life the ideas and creations of the luxury apparel brands.
Mission - NST Apparel
Mission - NST Apparel
Mission - NST Apparel


To be the premium partner of luxury apparel brands by positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation, creativity, technology and exceptional service.
Vision - NST Apparel
Vision - NST Apparel
Vision - NST Apparel


NST Apparel aims to:

Develop and produce excellent garments, ensuring success, and economic sustainability in a long term;

Foster and continuously meet the needs and requirements of its customers and other stakeholders;

Outperform its competitors as the key to a stable and competitive leadership in the market;

Processes integrated management and continuous improvement;

Ensure globality and diversity, in partnership with its strategic partners;

Culture of excellence and accuracy as a motto for actions and thoughts taken by employees;

Creativity and continuous learning by our employees, qualification, autonomy, continuous improvement.